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Guild Chat Log and Bounty Announcement

Here's a log of a chat session discussing things to get the guilds finished and usable. Note that I am now offering a bounty of 750 experience points for every good idea that gets used in the game. 100 XP for ideas that don't make it in the game (No repeats, no abuse, subject to my interpretation of what consists of an idea, and what does not)

Klom Dark : Thanks for joining, just wanted to get some feedback on where the game development is at, primarily the guilds
Billy : Cool, glad to help...
Klom Dark : I'm a little stuck with what kind of features to add/create in the guild.
Klom Dark : At the most basic level, the guilds are to allow advanced training, and purchasing of special objects
Jerbaisheh : me too
Klom Dark : But my main question, or where I mainly need help, is on the creative side of WHAT
Klom Dark : to offer for training for each of the three classes (Fighter/Thief/Mage) and
Klom Dark : what kind of special objects are required.
Jerbaisheh : Staff of magic missiles!!!
Klom Dark : Yah, that type of thing. Seems that magic users are the easiest for special objects, but
Klom Dark : do we want fighters and theives to have access to a staff of magic missiles?
Klom Dark : We need certain class-only objects, and some other nonspecialized all-class objects
Billy : I'd like to see back-stabbing and hiding for thieves
Fred Garvin : Wow! People are actually on for once! Greetings!
Klom Dark : Welcome!
Billy : Hiya!
Jerbaisheh : 'sup?!
Klom Dark : We're coming up with ideas for the guild... Help out if you'd like!
Fred Garvin : Kewl
Jerbaisheh : I've seen training up for certain skills on old MUDs, been thinking you'd do the same here?
Fred Garvin : I'd like to be able to buy healing potions to carry along
Billy : That'd be cool
Klom Dark : Hey, good idea! That'd be all-class too, that's the kind of ideas I;ve been truggling with
Jerbaisheh : What's with the food, we never get hungry so far...
Klom Dark : More me just experimenting with the objwect-carrying system, maybe I';ll add hunger
Klom Dark : Lets break it down a bit by class: What would you suggest for Mages (We'll get to Fighters & Theives after)?
Billy : Um... *thinking*
Fred Garvin : Magic Missiles (Of course...), Self-healing? Invisibility?
Jerbaisheh : Something to paralyze opponents, that would come in handy against the damned ant swarms
Klom Dark : Invisibility?
Billy : A way to steal a monsters treasure and then run away without fighting!
Jerbaisheh : That's cool! :)
Fred Garvin : I like that too!
Klom Dark : Interesting, but it would have to carry a risk of some type, or it would make things too easy...
Billy : The monsters get a "free" attack if you miss, that should be good enough, spesly with ants!
Klom Dark : That's be more for thieves, we're talking about mages. (But a good idea I'll write down!)
Billy : Oh yah, sorry!
Fred Garvin : Some of the more arcane spells from the D&D spellbooks would be cool.
Klom Dark : True, I've thought about that myself, but how to code things like Mordencainen's faithful hound? :)
Klom Dark : Just noticed paralysis, good idea
Jerbaisheh : Maybe three similar "skills" for the classes - paralysis for mages, stun for fighters, and
Jerbaisheh : something for theives (Can't think of what)
Billy : Maybe Thieves can "Hide" from monsters, same as rendering them unable to attack (aka paralsis)
Jerbaisheh : yah!
Fred Garvin : Can you hide in a shadow from a monster that knows you are there?
Klom Dark : Hmmm... Good point... I'll write it down anyway and think.
Klom Dark : This is cool though, the kind of info I am needing help on.
Klom Dark : OK, lets go with Thieves since we're on the subject
Billy : Or spitting goo on them, entrapping them!
Fred Garvin : Eewww!
Klom Dark : Haha, yuck! :)
Jerbaisheh : Sick! :)
Billy : Thieves: Stealing treasure (Like I already said)
Fred Garvin : Picking locks, finding traps, backstabbing, etc. (Normal thief skills)
Jerbaisheh : Finding traps
Jerbaisheh : Beat me to it :(
Billy : How about finding traps :)
Klom Dark : I guess finding traps is one, too bad I haven;t coded any trap support, but maybe in the future
Klom Dark : OK, that's some good theif basics, how about fighters?
Fred Garvin : Some kind of daily *POWER ATTACK* like in LORD
Billy : Berserker attacks for extra attack bonuses are cool
Jerbaisheh : Fighters are always pretty basic, more object-based than special skills
Jerbaisheh : (armor, bracer, shield bonuses, etc)
Fred Garvin : How about giving players special bonuses for good suggestions? XP is always good :)
Klom Dark : You insolent dog! :)
Jerbaisheh : haha :)
Jerbaisheh : I'm running out of time, I'm going to finish my raids for the day and then I've
Jerbaisheh : got stuff to take care of, good talking to you!
Klom Dark : N/P - thanks for your input!
Billy : Take care!
Fred Garvin : L8r...
Jerbaisheh : See ya!
Klom Dark : Bribing people isn't a bad idea either... OK, a bounty of 700 XP to anyone who some up with an
Klom Dark : idea that gets used! Email me in the game with your ideas!
Klom Dark : OK, Fred & Billy, don't want to take up too much of your time. Last thing: Special objects?
Billy : Huh?
Fred Garvin : Any magical item usable by non-mages is always handy
Klom Dark : Huh? Um, objects you can buy/sell/find/drop, some simple, some magical.
Billy : Oh, duh :)
Fred Garvin : Like somebody said - potions of healing/speed/damage/etc
Billy : Scrolls
Billy : A bag of infinite recursion!
Klom Dark : Um, how about no on that? Have enough problems with unintentional recursion at times! :)
Fred Garvin : Beyond that, I'll have to think about it. I'll email you...
Billy : What about dogs/familiars?
Klom Dark : Ouch, great concept, but not sure how much coding that would require. I'm really trying to get
Klom Dark : this game finished up. Have been working on the web-based version for almost six years now
Klom Dark : Would like to work on a couple other game ideas I have as well, I like the game, but it's
Billy : Six years?!! Wow!
Klom Dark : way time to call this a 1.0 release and think about a 2.0 some day
Fred Garvin : Don't give up! Get it done!
Klom Dark : Not going to quit! Just want to get the main game done, and then tweak it from time to time after that
Billy : Cool!
Klom Dark : OK, enough for now. I appreciate the help! :)
Billy : So you'll have all this done by the weekend, right?
Fred Garvin : How about ANT POISON!
Klom Dark : Doubtful, but would like to get it all wrapped up by the end of the year.
Fred Garvin : Or ant traps! :)
Klom Dark : (But I've said that every year for several years now... :) )
Billy : Or just get rid of the ants! :)
Billy : A super ant weapon! :) A big spray can of DDT! :)
Klom Dark : Yah! :) Excellent! (I _might_ actually do that! :) )
Klom Dark : Once again, thanks for your help! :)
Billy : Bye!
Fred Garvin : Party on dude! :)
Klom Dark : *Disappears in a flash of light*
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