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An "athiest" is just as blindly arrogant as a "fundie"-type Christian - One believes that there is definitely, without-a-doubt, a God. The other beleives that there is definitely NOT, a God. They are both equally wacked positions.

Agnostic is respectable - saying that there may or may not be a God, but you do not have enough data on the subject.
As far as looking at it in terms of data collection - there is pretty much equal amount of data in favor, and not in favor of, our being products of mutated sludge, or our being products of a supreme being.

I tend to look at it as we are products of mutated sludge, intentionally mutated by a supreme being. But also agreeing that I don't have enough data, nor will I ever, have enough data to be absolutely convinced one way or another. If there is a God, I hope he understands and respects that although I would like there to be a God, I also stay a little back from being absolutely convinced.

Dig a little, in any direction, whether down or up, following the path of increasing or decreasing size, and you will find some very telltale signs.
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