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new weapons, new skills, new classes

hi everybody!
Long time since ive posted anything. Id like to ask if new classes, skills and weapons would be available. Many of us like being theifs or mages, or maybe even a fighter, but i feel strongly that new classes should be available. We should be able to have paladins (like fighters, but with a bit of magic tied in), perhaps choosing your race (elf,human,dwarf,orc), maybe druids and bards. Some people cant choose between theif and mage, so why not even multiclass! Secondly, new skills. Levels are the only things people go up on in this game, shouldnt we have base stats that grow and can be taken up as a base (so people can get stronger through fighting a certain way). Finally, weapons. The weapons, like the levels, are a bit 1 way. You get money, get a new sword, get more money get another new sword. You should be able to buy weapons that are devestatingly powerful, or do multiple blows. When you start you should be able to choose your masterclass weapon, and as you get stronger you can create secondary mastering. Spears, Axes, Staffs, Maces, And even weapons with magic! All could be used. Please consider this Klom, and please any1 who has ideas relating add a message to the list.
Comfortably Anonymous
2/10/2004 3:06:46 PM
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