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How to Win the War on Drugs

As far as I'm concerned, there is ONE way and ONLY one way to WIN the 'War on Drugs'. Fight it like a war. Period. This means use the same tactics we would use on terrorists or enemy troops with drug users. Shoot them. Make EVERYONE in the United States take a urine test. Those that fail, imprison them. Those that refuse, hunt them down and kill them.

Then, have the military cordon off large swathes of cities and conduct house to house searches. Anyone caught with illegal drugs, SHOOT THEM ON THE SPOT. PERIOD.

Of course, there is NO way under our constitution to WIN a war on drugs, so that would have to be suspended.

Oh sure, a lot of 'innocent' people would suffer in the war on drugs, but, non-combatants always suffer during any war.

So, Mr. Ashcroft, you can WIN or you can just prolong the SIEGE AGAINST DRUGS forever.
Comfortably Anonymous
2/4/2004 3:09:50 PM
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2/4/2004 3:36:45 PM
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2/4/2004 5:02:30 PM
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4/4/2008 11:08:28 AM
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2/5/2004 12:57:18 AM
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4/4/2008 11:12:19 AM
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