High court weighs whether spanking is discipline

Massachusetts high court to rule whetherspanking is discipline or abuse.

I beleive that unruly children should be spanked. Not enough to cause damage, but simply to trigger the pain receptors which in turn fires off chemistry in the brain associating bad behavior with spanking, thus averting such behaviour at a very primitive level. Even monkeys spank their children. It teaches a child of the consequences of bad behavior. It is better to have a loving parent spank a child in order to instruct proper behavior, then to have some cop or judge who does not give a shit really fuck their lives up in the future.

Kids who are not spanked are horrible brats that quite often end up in prison when they grow up. It really pisses me off when children dont get spanked for outrageous behaviour, and then my child thinks that it must be perfectly acceptable behavior.
Comfortably Anonymous
9/18/1999 1:00:06 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
9/28/1999 1:28:27 PM
Comfortably Anonymous
11/15/2001 9:47:29 AM
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