I don't understand Republicans

Republicans: Before puking in disgust and leaving this page, please read the bottom paragraph where I ask you to correct my way of thinking. This is a call for information, not a lame "Bash the Republicans" rant.

I don't understand Republicans. It seems to me that everything the Republicans believe in is ridiculously stupid and selfish and even contradictory to itself.

The repeal of all sorts of taxes, for example, is one thing that Reps believe in almost across the board. Now, these taxes generally have an effect solely on the rich. The estate tax is one example of this, which is what you pay when you die, or rather your estate does. Before anyone can inherit your money the government taxes it. Now this really only effects the ultra, ultra rich because everyone, Dems and Reps alike, is in favor of repealing the tax for all estates under some ridiculous amount. This is one incomplete example because I don't feel like getting into it.

Religion is another thing that's big with Republicans. Except the only religion that Republicans seem to be in line with is Christianity, and extremely conservative Christianity at that. How can an agent of the government align itself so directly with a religion when the separation of church and state is the main tenet that this country was founded on?

Other examples include government spending, abortion, drug policy, repeat offender laws and myriad issues that are played out in politics. The short story is that Republicans support ideas that favor rich people and trickle down economics as well as trying to act as the moral backbone of society when that's the last thing that most people are looking for. It's the last thing I'm looking for anyway.

But like I said, the point of this little diatribe isn't to bash Republicans. The thing that leaves me in a quandary is the fact that any intelligent person could choose to be a Republican. Yet there are many intelligent people across the country who are indeed Republicans. There are people who believe as strongly in the party as I disbelieve in it. I simply cannot wrap my head around the idea that any person with moderate intelligence would choose to fervently support these clowns. And the politicians. They get on TV and say the stupidest things ever. But they clearly believe in them. How? Why? What am I missing?

So my point is this, someone please help me. I need to know what there is to believe in. What is it that attracts middle America and other intelligent people across the country to this mindset that makes absolutely no sense to me? Why can't I at least see the opposite side of the arguments against Republicans. What is it that makes this such a mystery to me? What is is that's making me so closed-minded and prejudiced against these otherwise normal people?

Anyone who can offer any interpretation of the Republicans that makes moral, ethical, and social sense to me would truly be a hero in my eyes.

I'm quite frankly upset at myself for my inablitity to offer leniency to the other half of Americans. So please, someone write me, let me know what it is that makes the Republican party the one. I don't want you to change my mind, I doubt that you could, but I just want to understand. Please help me.
Comfortably Anonymous
10/6/2006 1:50:51 PM
Comfortably Anonymous
10/18/2006 9:31:13 PM
Comfortably Anonymous
10/22/2008 1:40:12 PM
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