Remember 9/11?

Got some right-wing Republican email (included at bottom of this email) all pissed off because some senator compared the "I was just doing my job" military staff at Guantanamo to the "I was just doing my job" people under past dictators.  Even worse, this was ended by the shitty statement "Doesn't he remember 9/11?", as if Americans pointing out that "torture is unamerican" are somehow UnAmerican themselves? As if they hate their own country? No, these people pointing this out are the true Patriots, unafraid to stand up and protest what they see as wrong. My reply follows...

Hmmm... A bunch of people are being detained illegally and unethically, without the constitutionally guaranteed right-to-trial/right to know what they are accused of/right to legal counsel/right to worship their god, many are being tortured (and the lame things about airconditioners and rap music are not the issue, those are just lame red herring targets -  it's the real torture going on there that's the issue.)  Republicans are out of control, driving this country far away from the country we all loved as children. Sure, if these people for sure did something against our country, then let's fry them, but let's give them good old American Due Process rather than put them in some quasi-illegal concentration camp on charges of "maybe, but we can't prove it.". We are acting no better than them, and THAT'S Unamerican! That needs to stop NOW.

Remember 9/11?  You mean that terrible tragedy that brought us all together, just in time for the whole thing to be exploited by Bush to bring a police state down on our heads? Yah, we remember it, it points to day that we all began tp lose our freedoms to the 'Patriot' Act.

Remember 9/11? Oh, you mean that attack against the US by mainly Saudi-Arabians, so that we illogically retaliated against Iraq for instead since the Burning Bush has way too many incestuous business relationships with the Saudi royalty to take them to task for the horrible attacks?

Remember 9/11? You mean that day when we lost the right to question the actions of our government, lest we be branded traitors and have bullshit phrases like "Do you not remember 9/11" thrown in our faces as if our questioning of some truly evil/unamerican acts by our government and armed forces make us 'bad people'? Not that I curse all the government or very many of the armed forces, most of which are doing a spectacular job. But there are some real out of control, sadist, assholes in the drivers seat right now, and it's up to real patriotic Americans like me to try to steer the ship back towards its original good-based direction before it's too late, before the sheep allow their evil masters to take us to hell in a handbasket while the sheep bleat stupidities like "Don't you remember 9/11?"

Remember 9/11? Hell yes we remember it. We all remember it. Why has the atrocities of 9/11 been perverted into a big circus for unmaking so many of the things that made our country great? Why was it twisted into something that made real patriots fighting for the good of the common people into people called "non-Americans"? Why is it used as a club against people wishing to exercise their totally American/totally Patriotic/totally Constitutional right to free speech?

U.S. Senator Durbin Compares American Troops To Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot

Dear Henry,

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second highest ranking Democrat in the Senate, speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, compared American troops at Guantanamo Naval Base to Hitler, the Soviet gulags and Cambodian mass murderer Pol Pot.

Hitler murdered two million Christians and six million Jews.  Nearly two million prisoners died in the Soviet gulags.  And Pol Pot slaughtered as many as ten million in Cambodia.

Durbin compared the American troops to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot because of alleged mistreatment of prisoners held at Guantanamo.  What earned these American troops the disparaging remarks by Senator Durbin?  He said that some prisoners’ air conditioners were turned down too low, some had their air conditioners turned off making the room hot, and loud rap music was played in a room where there were prisoners.

That a U.S. Senator would compare American military men and women to Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pott is beyond belief.  Does he not remember 9/11?

When asked to apologize, he refused.  He said it is the military that should apologize for how they were treating the prisoners of war.


Send Senator Durbin an email reminding him that our soldiers are there to serve their country by guarding the prisoners of war, and that they do a pretty good job.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
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