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MessageBase now looks right in Firefox

Previously, if you viewed MessageBase with Firefox, you would see scrollbars at the bottom of each collapsable section on the main page. I've finally had the time to fix that, and it now looks good with both Firefox 2.x and Firefox 3.x.

There is a strange issue where if I set the CSS width of a section to 100% (Which I'd still like to use, but had to code around it.), it was automatically putting the scrollbars in place. I had to change it so the width was only 96%. Leaves a bit of empty space at the right-hand side of each collapsable panel, but at least the dreaded scrollbars don't appear.

I'd also tried an alternate trick of setting overflow-x:hidden, but that didn't seem to have any effect. Not sure why.

If anyone knows of a better fix, please let me know!

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