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Player Combat & News enhancements

OK, it's late, but I finally finished the basic code for Player Challenges/Combat. There's a few bugs I see there, but it basically works. The one thing that is a bit weird is that if you take damage in player combat, but then go to the forest and visit the healer, you will not show the damage, but if you go back to Challenge, the damage is still there. For now, the "fix" is to Raid in the Forest, take at least one HP damage from a monster which will cause your real status to be reloaded from the database, and then you will be able to fully heal. Easy fix, but it's late and I've gotta work tomorrow.

Currently you can only fight Offline players, they do not show up on the challenge list if they are online. That's phase two code that will come soon.

You get three player challenges per day. The Attributes display does not yet show how many you have left, but after your third one you will not be allowed to fight other players.

I also enhanced the Activity/News to also show yesterday's happenings, and added the ability to read the News when not logged in. (Primarily so that people who are killed by a player challenge can figure out who killed them. I will be adding to the login code to tell you who killed you, but for now, the only way to tell is from the News)

It's late, I'm going to sleep...
Comfortably Anonymous
7/11/2000 12:56:26 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
7/11/2000 5:13:57 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
7/11/2000 10:48:13 AM
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