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HOWTO: Use Line Numbers in C#

Not really sure why'd you'd do such a thing these days, but C# does support GOTO, so this guy used it to do a line-by-line conversion of an ancient Star Trek written in BASIC in 1972.

The VERY first time I ever touched a computer, it was to play this game! It was on an ancient teletype (Known to me then as the "Magic Typewriter") tapped into some machine at Purdue University. My 7 year old brain could not grasp the concept of this game, so I never won, although I played MANY times - but it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

The guy does both a line-by-line conversion using the most horrible-looking C# code I've ever imagined, as well as (Probably so he doesn't die from ridicule!) doing a proper conversion to C# format.

Nicely done in both cases!

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