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The sky didn't fall today!!

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But hopefully (hopefully not too hopefully), the people got a taste of their own power when they stood up against the asinine bailout bill yesterday - and WON!! This could be all the people needed was a little encouragement from a victory and then seize the reigns of this out of control country once again!

And the sky didn't fall - think about it - the stock market climbed 800 points on Friday on anticipation of this "sure to pass" bailout steal-from-the-middle-class bill, then dropped 700 points yesterday in the stunned shock of the citizens standing against it. Yet today, it climbed up almost 500 points. So instead of the economy slamming to a stop, it has risen (800 - 700 + 500) almost 600 points in the last four business days. Don't fall for the bullshit - Paulson was just trying to declare himself the world's emperor. The sky's not falling!!!

Just keep on their toes - they're sure to start trying all over again. It's close to the election, but not so close that a third party couldn't rise to prominence in the next few weeks now that we see that both McCain and Obama were both in on the scam. I was going to vote for Obama, but now I don't see how I can vote for him, and definitely not McCain. I think the current environment is the best opportunity we've had in decades for a third party to knock out one of the current mirror-image parties that currently dominate the wheel of politics. I for one think it's way past time for a party that truly stands up for the ordinary people.

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