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GOP Quaking in Fear of Verdict from the Voters

I really don't understand the "terror" this election will bring to the GOP. I mean the GOP has been a very good steward to the American taxpayers for the past eight years! They have invested our money wisely, made sure that all of us have our healthcare needs taken care of, allowed affordable housing and education to every American, helped children in need, rescued fellow Americans after terrible natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, made sure our standing among other nations is one of respect and admiration in the court of world judgement. They have respected our privacy and safeguarded Our Bill of Rights to a fault.

The GOP have been leaders in the area of the environment, reducing our need for foreign oil, brought peace to a troubled world. They have provided us with a President and Vice-President whom we love and adore for their outstanding leadership ability, and brilliant minds!

If you believe what I have just written, then Sarah is the best choice for the office of Vice-President and John McCain is your man!! I hope the GOP leadership has lots of disposible diapers available on the Night of Nov. 4th, because there is going to be lots of soiled pants among them when they see the anger the general population will serve them on election night. I hope they sh*t themselves into oblivion!!!!

Comfortably Anonymous
10/22/2008 1:36:18 PM
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