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RE: HOWTO: Keep the Economy Alive

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That's almost as bad.  A number of these taxpayers were ALSO the problem in that they were spending money on things they could't afford.

If people have lost their home because they were too lazy/stupid to understand what a subprime mortgage is, giving them $64,000 isn't gonna help.  Similarly with those who have lost their jobs but now have no savings to fall back on, but still have a big screen TV, 2 brand new leased vehicles and a timeshare in Maui.

IMHO, give the money to (a) successful businesses and (b) people with a credit rating over a certain value.  Rewarding failure, greed, stupidity or incompetance is just idiotic.

Comfortably Anonymous
1/22/2009 9:52:18 PM
Comfortably Anonymous
1/22/2009 10:01:38 PM
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