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RE: HOWTO: Keep the Economy Alive

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OK, then what about people like me? Bought my house definitely within my limit ($95,000) which is less than two years pay for me. Got laid off four months ago through no fault of my own. I've got an eviction notice pending now, but thankfully got a good paying job this week. So I should be able to deflect it.

But if it'd been another month or two, I'd have been living in a tent or something.

What about people like that? I know lots of them out of work now. Somehow it's our fault that the business they worked for getting caught in the depression?

What do you have to say to people like them, who didn't get dumb enough to get an ARM loan? (Just an Arm and a Leg loan... ;) )

Comfortably Anonymous
1/22/2009 10:01:38 PM
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