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Truly Understanding Dynamic Controls

Just like ViewState, dynamic controls seem to be fodder for much debate, and a source of many confusing issues. This article will be the first of a multi-part series to detail just about everything you could ever want to know about how Dynamic Controls fit in with the framework.

ASP.NET has been out for half a decade. Maybe this article is a little late in the making. But with all of the new technologies coming down the pipe (e.g., Atlas), I thought it would be nice to get back to the basics. After all, not all of us have been in the game since the beginning :)

Actually, this article should probably be titled "TRULY Understanding ASP.NET". Because as you will see, dynamic controls really aren't that special. In learning how they fit in with the page life cycle, and how they are similar to static controls, you will gain an understanding of how ASP.NET works in general.

Read the full article at: Truly Understanding Dynamic Controls

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