Leftists and Anti-Corporate hatred

I'm seeing a disturbing trend in America lately, and that is the amount of ill will, rancor, and all-out hatred that is being directed at successful and profitable corporations. These corporations, which are directly responsible for the vibrant economy and standard of living we enjoy today, are continually finding themselves the targets of anti-business leftists. You want examples? That's easy. How about Al "Internet" Gore's recent attacks on the oil companies or the drug companies? Sure, he leaves out the fact that if it weren't for these companies we would be riding bicycles around and dying at age 40, but what the hell .. it's "in vogue" for liberals to attack successful corporations and rich people, so let's cheer Gore on .. rah, rah, rah!

Nobody is saying that prescription drugs are cheap, but if Gore thinks that the kind of research that will cure cancer can be done for free, he's on some drugs of his own! And as far as the oil companies are concerned, if they saw an opportunity to increase their profits in the Midwest for a while, who is the government to say any different? Socialists like Gore think that the government should step in and regulate all prices. Uh uh, Al. Ain't gonna happen. The purpose of business is to turn a profit. Sorry if that offends leftists, but profit is why we are where we are today.

I'm sick of liberals whining about "sweat shops" and how children in Third World countries are being paid a dollar a day to put together sneakers for ten hours straight. Of course, if it wasn't for that dollar, the child would probably just curl up in a ball and die, but hey .. let's look past the obvious and take the opportunity to attack the corporations. That "tiny" salary pays for food that keeps the child alive, but let's ignore the fact that companies like Nike are working hard to feed poor children and let's attack them instead. Yeah, what a great idea.

And most of all, I'm sick of the leftist attack on Microsoft! This is the most transparent leftist interventionist government intrusion on behalf of angry and befuddled competitors in our country's history! Guess what, folks, if you can't compete, you don't deserve to be in business. Socialists think they can rely on a jack-booted government to kill off successful corporations. Sad, really .. but it's not going to happen. When G. W. Bush takes office, I'll bet a lot of Microsoft's "problems" will go away. Sayonara, Al. I'm sick of you all.
Comfortably Anonymous
7/22/2000 10:08:30 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
3/1/2004 1:45:15 AM
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