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Is Obama a Captive "President"?

Shortly after Obama was sworn in (Chief Justice Roberts insulted us all and the Constitution too by "forgetting" the oath but later swore Obama in privately at the White House) the Organization of American States met.

President Chavez of Venezuela took Obama aside at the end of the conference and gave him a copy of "Blood in the Veins of Latin America," and, at the same time, asked him, "Are you a captive? We have much experience here in Latin America with captive Presidents. What can we do to help you break free?"

He is a captive, there is little doubt about that when you compare his campaign promises to what he has presided over so far. So far we have same old same old no one can believe in instead of Change We Can Believe In.

The question is: How willing is Obama in all of this? Is he a captive or a collaborator?

And if he is captive, what can we do as the American people to get behind him to set him free?

But if he is just another lying, hypocritical collaborator with organized crime we need another party and different leaders. Violent revolution may have become inevitable because the current situation is becoming increasingly intolerable. 45,000 Americans are dying annually, one every seven minutes because of lack of access to health care. If you are involved in an automobile accident and do not have insurance you are twice as likely to die as someone with insurance. And who is to say if you have insurance or not if you are unconscious? Many people simply either cannot get or cannot afford insurance. They just can't get any. So the system is condemning them to death. This has to stop, and not in 2019 or whenever the Senate is bluffing about now.

Fighting to control a corner of desert in the most godforsaken place on the planet isn't just wrong, criminal and immoral. It's insane, and we have to stop it. If Obama calls for more troops it should trigger wild in the streets like the 1970 invasion of Cambodia did. There are plenty of unoccupied buildings that could be burned down as a way of sending a message to Wall Street and the bankers that we are not going to take it anymore. Those TARP funds could have paid off nearly every primary home mortgage in America, instead the money was just handed over to the richest people in the country and the bill was sent to the same taxpayers who are losing their homes. The fact that the corporate media NEVER mentions this shows that they should be considered only as a disingenuous propaganda machine that exists only to brainwash the people and parrot the corporate Wall Street lies.

The vast sums which are being spent to keep those in power in power should be spent to build a solar powered, mass transit based, industrial economy of the future. But the pig bankers own the carbon based fuel supply system and they are aghast at the idea of a country run with solar power. In the bankers' view nothing could be worse than an economy run on the free, non-polluting inexhaustible fuel of the Sun.

Obama talked about a sustainable future in the campaign. He seemed to understand the ideas behind it.

Is he a captive?

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