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News: Middle West

 After seeing the complete flaunting of the law in last nights decision by Wisconsin Republicans, I realize (and confirmed) that the modern Republican is nothing to do with the grand Republicans from our history. Indeed, the scariest thing I've ever seen. They live, without hope, they believe in nothing but their own short lives in this round blue cell we all share. They don't believe in an afterlife, or even the continuing of any existence of a world to be inherited by the descendants of our current time period. They will tell you that they do, and they will tell you that they love Jesus, but their actions betray their inner thoughts.

Republicans at this point are the new Communist movement in the United States, please kick them all out of power, this lone soul is a partial American. He may be reformed, but as for the rest of the stinking Communist Republican party they need to be shipped in cardboard boxes back to China where they belong. They'll take your rights and guns soon, and you'll be broke. Trust me, those Commie Republicans are out to destroy the American way of life. 

It's going to be a crazy weekend in Madison, WI this weekend, I think.

I for one plan to curl up with the bible and the TV this weekend, listening to Ministry - Psalm 69 while reading Revelations, enjoying the cacaphony of the last days of the society I once lived in. I hope I'm wrong, but the power-mad may have finally woken the sleeping giant of the common American, and they are feeling scared. Me too. Doesn't help I was raised/brainwashed in a Northern Indiana "Charismatic" (aka: Cult-Like) Last-Days Church, they had me believing, when I was young (Back in the 1970s) that the world would have ended way before 2011. So now days I have no idea what to think. But watching the way things have gone in Madison, it sure is strongly concerning.

Hopefully I read this in a few years and just laugh at myself, but it's pretty scary right now.

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Comfortably Anonymous
3/10/2011 2:35:58 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
3/10/2011 3:13:56 PM
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