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Will Nebraska be a Battleground State this year?

 As someone who has lived in Nebraska both in the South-Central "Sticks" (18 years) and in downtown Omaha (14 years), with friends in both places, I am really wondering if Nebraska might just 'flip democratic' for the 2012 election(s)? People on 'the street' (Proud city boys) and in 'the field' (Proud country boys) [I have many friends in 'both worlds'; I know metal-head farm boys as well as country music loving city people] are ALL saying the same thing: the current way the government is thumbing its nose at the general citizens of this great country is fully unnacceptable, and has gone beyond an annoying distraction to a scary, threatening entity and none of us want to take it any more and we are willing to do whatever it takes (Even voting Democrat!) to bring this out of control attitude to a full-stop before it gets any worse. We're already starting to look at our children with sadness (If I didn't get a chance for the American Dream, then they definitely never will.) It's finally become a reality that threatens our ability to simply live. We're s tarting to realize that we'd rather die on our feet than live on our knees in shame and poverty. Politicians are getting a vicious lesson in who their REAL bosses are. Sure, we'll let them play their silly power games while we get on with our real lives, but let those power games go beyond silly and get scary, then you got another thing coming!


What do you think? You want a better world? Stand up and demand it.

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