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You might have an MCSD if… think a SOAP message is a nice way to tell someone he needs to take a shower. think that garbage collection is something that happens only on Thursday mornings. try to check out books from the class library. think CLR is a cleaning product used to remove calcium, lime, and rust.

....You think an assembly is where people go during a fire drill. try to use an ASP.NET to catch snakes in your back yard. think Set Focus is a new memory and concentration enhancing dietary supplement. think UDDI is plural for udder. try to find WSDL on the radio because you heard it played DISCO. think that XML is an extra-large value meal at McDonald's. think the Windows Form Designer installs bay windows on a construction site. think the .NET Framework needs to be installed before the Windows Form Designer can do his job. think that a quarterback can throw an exception. think that Try...Catch is something the wide receiver should have done when the quarterback threw an exception. think scalability is a special power that SpiderMan uses to climb walls. think a web service is a shop where SpiderMan goes to get his scalability fixed. think things like glass, weather stripping, and latches are Windows Components. think the Windows Form Designer works for the Windows Installer Service. think a data adapter is used to connect the android from Star Trek to 220V.

....You think a simple volume is a book with lots of pictures in it.

....You think that cascading style sheets are a form of bed linen.

....You think a web browser is someone looking for spiders.

....You were once asked to drop a database, you replied 'from which floor?'.

....You think there should be a tax on multiple inheritance. look on the back of a DVD to find the code region. can't wait to put together your new entertainment center because it has a component tray. think the general declarations section is used for telling customs that you might be bringing in fruits, plants, or insects into the country. set up a video camera in your basement to capture mouse events. try to go to a naming convention to decide what to name your baby. think that OOP is an interjection that is used when you make a mistake. think polymorphism is something you would see in one of the "Alien" movies. think a Private Sub works at a high school. think you a RadioButton is actually ON a radio. think a runtime error is what happens when a marathon runner makes a wrong turn. think you will find a SOAP actor on TV shows like "General Hospital" or "As the World Turns". think a SOAP extension is the little rope attached to your bar of Irish Spring. think a string builder class will help you with your new knitting project. think that a thread is something you need to buy before you go to the string builder class.

....You once spent five week debugging an endless loop.

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