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Latest round of bug killings...

I had wondered why there had been no new players lately. It turns out that when I added the code for the meteorite in the tavern, I forgot to set a meteorite-related value in new player records, which was causing a SQL error when attempting to create a new user. Stupid on my part - I've been bitten by the same thing when adding columns to the player record previously.

Fixed a bug where "Play Again?" would not show when playing 13 under Netscape. I had attempted to end a table with a < / form> instead of a < / table> tag. IE is forgiving of such mistakes, but Netscape will not display an unclosed table.

I just discovered a nasty bug in the 13 game where it will give you outrageous amounts of cash in certain situations. Also found a similar bug in the armorshop which will give you extra money in certain situations. I bet the same bug exists in the WeaponShop as well. More bugs to kill when I get time.

I am in the middle of a very busy phase in my real life job, so it's been hogging a lot of my time, so I haven't gotten a lot of coding done lately. Plus I'm in a Java programming class, and it's been very nice outside lately and I've been taking advantage of it before winter hits. Tommorrow is only supposed to have a high of 37 degrees, so there will
be a lot more coding time coming up. I like the coding, but hate the cold. :(

I just finished building an Athlon 800 Mhz machine running Linux. I am going to attempt to move the database to the PostgreSQL server on it. Currently the ROTFOH database is running on Microsoft SQL 7 on NT 4, but the backend machine running SQL7 is only a Pentium 75, the webserver itself is a 233 Mhz machine, so that's not much of a bottleneck.
Even the P75 is handling the ROTFOH database pretty well, but you can sure see it bog when listing messages here in the Messagebase.

Enough for now, time for sleep. :)
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