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Bug reports

(1) Kicked off repeatedly today for "time-out due to inactivity", maybe just changes in progress?
(2) X-Messages have a timestamp which is 35-40 minutes off.   Check the time on the server maybe?
(3) Monsters regenerate, a lot - maybe this isn't a bug and I'm just noticing it.
(4) Clicking on a monster attack button - while waiting for results, I get hourglass cursor over the background
        and run buttons, but not monster attack buttons.  This makes it easy to accidentally click again on the
        same monster attack button, which summons Klom Dark's meteorite for a boot-to-the-head!
(5) Still no differences between character classes?
(6) No fair keeping Angel to yourself!  I momentarily had a charm of 8, and couldn't fondle anything, you bastard!

- Falcon
- RE: Bug reports [Read 529]
Comfortably Anonymous
11/26/2000 3:04:13 PM
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