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The Return of Peter Cushing: Another Look at an Underrated Career

But - What is a Grand Moff anyway? Would you really want to be addressed with the title of "Grand Moff" anyway? Really, tha's like Grant Fuzzy Kitten or Grand Poobah. A STOOPID title - but the scariest figure to me as a kid. Could you imagine meeting the character Tarkin in real life, just coming down the underground walking tunnel right at you, looking you right in the eyes? Would you cry, pee, or run? Instant death to cross him. He ain't gonna put up with anyone stupid, and will just eradicate them from the future genepool if the be so.

Anyway, ignore what you just read and think about this instead: It's related. Then read the article linked at the end. You will end up with a deeper appreciation of the guy you've always known as GM Tarkin. 

Governor Grand Moff Tarkin. (!!!) An original prototype of a couple character concepts which have been copied, modified, or extended since the 1950s. Weird to think that Peter Cushing was already long time famous for Star Wars, but that was really way later in life. He won many awards, and was the main actor of the original movie Van Helsing. Most people these days think that Van Helsing was origjnally created just a few years ago in 2004 .But the same guy that played Grand Moff Tarkin long before that played the architypal Abraham Van Helsing way back in . I didn't even know this until I was researching for this article, so I definitely have to find and watch this movie. I loved the modern day one, and this one stars who us youngsters have always known as Tarkin, so it will be that much more intense.

Peter Cushng: Check it out: The Return of Peter Cushing: Another Look at an Underrated Career


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