Osama Bin Laden & the WTC attacks

Wow, what to say? Sheer insanity. Some band of pussies think their way is so right, that they'd kill thousands of innocent civilians, and then be so cowardly that they wont even take credit or say WHY they did it. What a bunch of complete cowards.

We all think it's Osama Bin Laden. We are probably right. The president and the rest of the government say they have some hard evidence linking him.

The hard thing to do is dealing with the waiting and planning. What do we do? What will we do? This is going to be a tricky one. It would be way easier if we had been attacked by a certain country - we'd just flatten them, case closed. But this one seems to be a network of terroristas (I'm inflecting some spanish naming in there, for the reason that the last letter specifies gender in spanish, for words like this. Ending in an 'o' specifies the male gender, ending in an 'a' specifies the female gender. Sure, we're living in this new-age 'politically correct' mentality lately, and not painting everyone the same color and same gender is considered a bad thing. I'm ignoring that for the moment, and using the older non-PC slurs that your grandparents used to use - Hey you're acting like a bunch of little girls, not like men. Thus the word "terroristAs" [girls], not "terroristOs" [men]) across several countries. Makes it trickier by far.

If I was the decision maker, here's what I'd do:

We all but know that Bin Laden's behind this. We also know that the Taliban supports him. We also know that the Taliban controls Afghanistan. Looking at this in the reverse- The Afghani government knows (intimately) the Taliban religious people; the Taliban people intimately know Bin Laden. There's the main link. We need to do a first strike just to let the people of this country, and the world know, that we are completely serious and are not fucking around on this issue. Therefore, for our opening move in this war, we make a blunt demand to the Afghani government, in no uncertain terms, that if they do not produce Bin Laden in 48 hours, dead or alive (Like we care at this point), we are going to carpet-bomb their country (from the air, we have no need for any ground troups at this point) and drop fuel-air bombs on them, and their civilians. Like the president said, we are making no distinction between the terrorists, and those who harbor those terrorists. I think it's horrible to kill innocent civilians, and just like the rest of the world, I'm sure there's super nice people living there amongst the evil ones. This is a dark thing to say, but we're talking survival, not about being nice, so if they do not produce Bin Laden, we will proceed to take out ALL government everything in their country. If civilians die, too bad. How many of our civilians died. And guess what, after we do it - we are going to have the balls to say we did it, and why. We'll do some forceful demonstrations for around 6 hours, then stop and ask them again, this time they have six hours. If they don't bring him, here we go with another six hours of bombing. Just keep it up till they're all destroyed or the decide that keeping this pussy in their country is not worth it.

What do we do with him after we have him? I vote for public torture, Clockwork Orange style, make him watch what he's done, over & over & over & over. Or introduce him to LSD and nighttime bungie jumping with flashing lights and scary noises, then some of the above Clockwork Orange stuff. Then get out the cutting laser. Superglue him naked to the floor. Start cutting at his toes, taking 1/16 inch slices - he wont bleed to death, the laser will cauterize the cuts. He might pass out from the pain, when that happens, we take a  shringe full of dog aldrenaline and pump his heart full of it. Next heartbeat, he'll be wide awake. Keep cutting... (Yah, dark as fuck, but look what this guy's done)

Next stage, after proving our point, and taking out some agression, we start on the hard part - letting the intelligence guys loose cracking and infiltrating these networks of terroristas. This'll take years. Finally we map these things out like the maps of the Internet we've seen. Then we take them out, bangadeebang, daboomboom!!

Then, the really hard part - pointing the camera eye at ourselves and figuring out just what it is that we have done to make people hate us so much, and see if that can be changed. Put some love back in the world.

And beyond that, what do we do? What can we as citizens do? First off, none of this redneck, blind racism shit. That ain't gonna help a thing. Yes, we've been infiltrated. There's some bad guys living amongst us. That's extremely scary. Who are they? Which are they? Going Waco on every Arabic person in America will help NOTHING, in fact hurt things terribly, and in fact reduce us to no better that the terroristas, making us terrorists ourselves. Sure, wouldn't it be nice if it was as easy as "Yep, all Arabic people are bad and evil". Small brain syndrome there. Just about every, if not all, Arabic people in this county are nice, polite people. The redneck approach wont work. While you're at it, let's find all the bad white people, black people, mexican people, orientals, etc, based on their skin color. Sounds retarded, don't it? It is.

What can you really do? Be Xenophilic for once, try it out. Go up to an Arabic person and the street and make friends with them. Tell them you realize you know nothing about them or their culture ('Sides the crap they show to kids on the TV) - see if they will allow you to learn from them, befriend them, even protect them. I myself cannot say I know much of anything about the Arabic culture, I know a couple from professional relationships, that's it. However, I do have good friends that are Mexican and Indian (The country India) and Malawian and Kenyan - Some of their stuff seemed really weird to me at first, but after hanging, and getting past the unfamiliarity stage, I really learned a lot, opened my eyes to new horizons I'd never imagined before, and totally broadened by horizons. I've always been Xenophilic (The word basically translates to Alien-Love, means that you are interested in the unknown - unknown places, unknown cultures, unknown people, unknown food, etc.). My first friend was black, I thought nothing of it, I didn't learn the racism concept until I entered school and heard little redneck kids say things like "My daddy said they aint nothing but no-good nigger porchmonkeys". I was (still am) glad that I had the experience to know that was a bunch of crap. It really seemed small-minded (It is). All these dumbass, close-minded, fearful, Xenophobic (Alien-hate) parents programming their kids with the same mindless drivel their parents had programmed them with.
Anyway, back to my point - what can we do, as citizens? We gotta keep our country going. We gotta make friends with everybody, the more different the culture, the better. And if you're not careful, you just might learn something. Hard to blabber on about how the US is the land of the free and the home of the brave if you're not brave enough to let someone different from you be free!!

I hope I made my point. I'd like to hear yours!
Comfortably Anonymous
9/16/2001 12:19:56 AM
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