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A tax law suggestion

How about a change to the tax process where we can at least specify what a small percentage (I'd be happy with even 1%, but more would be better) of our income tax goes directly towards.

I don't think that's too much to ask. You'd be forced to still give up 99% of your income tax to whatever 'they' decide, typically wasteful crap. It's OUR damn tax money, we should be able to at least specify where a tiny amount goes. We should be able to specify ALL of it, directly, but that ain't gonna happen.

Just think of other ramifications this kind of a change could have. I think it would be great.

And maybe with another 1% of it you can say "This 1% of my money will definitely NOT be spent on X" That'd be cool.

Possible, but highly unlikely, I admit. But does anyone see any bad coming of this, except slightly higher tax administration/distribution costs since they don't just throw it all in a pile.
Comfortably Anonymous
3/25/2004 9:56:40 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
3/29/2004 1:16:49 PM
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