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Overcoming Terrorism: A Twelve Step Approach


Overcoming Terrorism: A Twelve Step Approach relies on the addiction model, an altogether contemporary way of wisdom, to strategically address compassionate action in a violent time. September 11th was a pivotal moment in the spiritual life of a nation and indeed the world. Overcoming Terrorism is a letter to people of goodwill, whatever their political persuasion, who are compelled to make their lives count as the world divides against itself.
Dark clouds are gathering. We must act now on behalf of America and the world. The U.S. is posed to invade Iraq this fall and the Pentagon estimates "acceptable" American casualties at twenty to thirty thousand dead, roughly half the number of our losses in Vietnam. Your brother or son. Your cousin. Need we wait for the body bags to pile up?

No estimates placed on "acceptable" Iraqi casualties. The Mideast is rightly concerned about regional war. America is virtually isolated among its European and Arab allies in its urgency to invade Iraq, which is to say that the Pentagon estimate may be conservative. King Abdullah of Jordan said simply we would be inviting "Armageddon." What is quite predictable is that this will yield harvest after harvest of terrorists and will increase the isolation of America among the community of nations.

The twelve steps offers a way to understand our current situation and a way through to a more benevolent world. Read Overcoming Terrorism. Email this invitation, the essay itself or portions thereof to everyone and request everyone to do likewise. The world itself may be at stake. It is ours to reinvent the possibility of peace.

Michael Ortiz Hill
Deena Metzger

- Introduction [Read 577]
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3/10/2003 10:20:27 PM
- Step One [Read 533]
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3/10/2003 10:20:57 PM
- Step Two [Read 540]
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3/10/2003 10:21:29 PM
- Step Three [Read 527]
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3/10/2003 10:21:53 PM
- Step Four [Read 548]
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3/10/2003 10:22:17 PM
- Step Five [Read 564]
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3/10/2003 10:22:41 PM
- Step Six [Read 521]
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3/10/2003 10:23:09 PM
- Step Seven [Read 633]
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3/10/2003 10:23:41 PM
- Steps Eight and Nine [Read 501]
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- Step Ten [Read 520]
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3/10/2003 10:24:44 PM
- Step Eleven [Read 525]
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- Step Twelve [Read 513]
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3/10/2003 10:26:03 PM
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