The reason they do such things

Thought you might be interested in the Biblical understanding of our VP and his favorite passage in the Bible.  Boy, if this doesn't seem like a message from God.

Al Gore gave a big speech this week about how his faith is so "important" to him.  In this attempt to convince the American people that we should consider him for president, he announced that his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3. Of course the speech writer meant John 3:16 but nobody in the Gore camp was familiar enough with Scripture to catch the error.

Now for the really interesting part.  Do you know what John 16:3 says? I'll save you from looking it up.

"They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me." John 16:3 NIV

This was forwarded to me and I felt it was important to pass on. Obviously we need to pray for those in leadership.
Comfortably Anonymous
7/11/1999 1:38:13 AM
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