New National Security Policy

"As President of the United States, my primary Constitutional duty is to protect the American homeland and people from attack, and the best way to do that is destroy threats at their source.

"However, the international community denies the threat to civilization posed by aggressive tyrants and fanatical terrorists possessing weapons of mass destruction, and so the international community will be left to deal with those threats, and the consequences of failing to deal with those threats, on its own.

"I have decided to take the advice of our first President, who said, 'The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations is … to have with them as little political connection as possible.' But I will not allow the world’s desire to appease aggressive tyrants and fanatical terrorists to endanger America or American lives.

"Therefore, I have today given orders to our military forces presently stationed overseas, to begin preparations to return to the United States immediately. That order includes all of our forces, wherever they are stationed around the world.

"As our forces return home from overseas, they will be redeployed around our national borders, which will be closed as of midnight tonight. From now on our military has standing orders to treat anyone trying to cross our borders without the express permission of our government as a hostile invader, to be deterred by whatever force is necessary.

"Because our entire military will now be devoted to protecting and defending our homeland, the next time some tyrant arises and starts slaughtering people, the next time some dictator launches a war of aggression, I recommend that the victims petition France, Germany or Belgium for assistance.

"As for international relations in general, those countries that have tended to rely on the United Nations to make them seem more important than they are, are hereby put on notice that the Secretary General of the United Nations was served with an eviction notice this morning. He has 30 days to remove his menagerie from the United States to some other country more suitable to their ideology.

"Our National Guard units will be deployed to assist the FBI and local law enforcement in arresting and deporting every non-citizen on our territory to their country of origin. Our courts remain open, so anyone wishing to legally contest their deportation may apply for a hearing in their home country, and they will be notified when they may ask for permission to return here for their hearing.

"We welcome any person who seeks to become an American citizen, those who love this country and what it stands for, those who will assimilate themselves into the great American melting pot of freedom and opportunity.

"But this country will no longer tolerate immigrants who come here filled with intolerance, who come here with the intention of trying to remake this nation into a copy of the native country that they left. I agree with the great liberal President Woodrow Wilson, who said, 'A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American.'

"So-called "hyphenated Americans" have not accepted America as their home. We remain a free country, so our citizens remain free to practice whatever native customs they wish in the privacy of their own homes. But henceforth the official language of the United States is English, and the United States government will no longer recognize nor produce any documents of any sort in any other language.

"Those who long for the customs and the politics of their native lands are welcome to remain in their native lands.

"Many opponents of American engagement around the world have complained that we only want to steal the world’s oil, and I have addressed that issue as well. Orders have gone out to the Department of the Interior to allow private companies to resume drilling for oil on our own territory.

"Contracts have already been signed to open the entire Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – not just the 2,000 acres that I sought to open for exploration last year, but the entire 17.5 million acres – for oil and gas exploration. Drilling will also resume off our coasts within American territorial waters.

"The United States also possesses the world’s second-largest deposits of clean-burning coal, but most of those deposits were locked up in the numerous national monuments established by President Clinton. I have rescinded those national monument designations, and the mining of those deposits begins tomorrow.

"I fully understand that our economy and our lifestyle demand massive amounts of energy, and I have no intention of seeing our economy falter or the lifestyle that industrious Americans have worked so hard to create, diminished. I have therefore ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to grant licenses for twenty-five new nuclear power plants, construction to begin immediately. Within the next ten years, an additional fifty nuclear power plants will be licensed and brought on-line.

"We have no desire to withdraw the United States from the free markets of the world, nor to deny the rest of the world the privilege of trading in American markets and with American consumers. But henceforth, foreign nations will have access to our domestic markets with precisely the same restrictions that they place on American goods in their own markets.

"If, for example, the European Union prohibits the sale of American grain products in Europe because of their phobia against genetically modified crops, then European Union food products likewise will be prohibited from sale in the United States.

"Some of these market adjustments will be difficult for some of our domestic companies, but they will have to learn self-sufficiency, just as our citizens will learn to live without handouts from the government.

"In keeping with our new policies, when the Congress next enacts a federal budget, I am putting them on notice that I will veto every dollar of foreign aid. Other nations around the world will have to learn to live without handouts from American taxpayers.

"And if some societies collapse following the withdrawal of our financial support, they will simply have to abandon their failed socialist or totalitarian economic systems and adopt a free market system that works. Or they can wallow in the consequences of their own folly. That is their own business, but we will no longer bail them out.

"One more word about American national security, by way of advice to those countries and national leaders who aid, abet, sponsor, finance or in any way tolerate terrorists in your countries: We know who you are. How you run your countries internally is entirely up to you, but this is a clear warning that support for terror will not be tolerated.

"If another terrorist attack occurs against America and we find any link between the terrorists committing the act and your country, we will not waste time going to irrelevant international organizations, we will not waste time proving a 'smoking gun' to other countries that would deny the noses on their faces if it suited their agenda – we are coming to see you.

"It will therefore be in your interest to clean your own houses, to employ your intelligence services to rooting out the terrorists in your midst. If we have to act, we will act to restrain the violent, and defend the cause of peace.

"Following the September 11 tragedies, I said that other nations will either be with us or with the terrorists. Over recent months it has become clear that many countries around the world are not with us. Those countries should therefore not expect anything from us, either.

"In contrast, there are some countries that have stood by us in our post- September 11 ordeals and our war against terrorism, and our relationships with those nations will remain unchanged.

"I have no doubt that the rest of the world will progress just fine without an American presence, and we look forward to working with any nations that embrace democracy and free market capitalism.

"Good night, and God bless America."

- Cmon Home, Uncle Sam [Read 451]
Comfortably Anonymous
3/11/2003 12:12:42 AM
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