Game Over for Muslims

It's game over for Muslims. Checkmate. You lose. We win.

We've got a 50-year plan we've been executing that involves solving the Russian Problem, the Arab/Muslim Problem, the Jewish Problem, and then the Chinese Problem.

Nobody can stop us.

Iraq is just the first step in our effort to take control of the middle East and Pakistan. It's only a matter of time before we are successful. Let's face it. Muslims are weak fighters. Our superior technology makes it futile for them to fight.

Feel free to burn American flags. It only helps us to get support for the war. Terrorist actions also help us to get support for the war. As long as Iraq folds quickly, we will not lose the support of our people. Our plan can only be successful if the Iraqi war proceeds quickly and we experience no casualties. We Republicans must be reelected for the plan to continue. The Democrats in our country are weak, peace-loving people. I despise them.

You hate the Jews. Guess what? The Christian fundamentalists who have taken over the US don't like them either. Once we have control of the Middle East, we don't need Israel. We will let you do what you want to them.

You will have freedom and democracy - you can elect anybody you want as long as we like them. Any elected government must support the Republican Party of the United States. Otherwise, you will get to know our superior military power.

Remember that the Geneva Convention prevents you from using any military techniques that might allow a small country to have any chance of winning a war against a large power. We will bomb the hell out of you with our weapons of mass destruction - I mean our superior military technology - and you will be tried as war criminals if you resist in clever ways.

Once we have complete control of the Middle East and India and Pakistan, we will take Africa. Our trickiest problem is what to do with China as they pose both a military challenge to us and they may be able to outperform us in a capitalistic battle over time. We do not want that economy to thrive. Those people must purchase American products. They cannot become capable of making their own products. We will likely foster a war betweeen North Korea and China that will allow us to overthrow the Chinese government and we will install a new government - I mean they will elect a new government - that helps advance our American interests.

So you see. Your days are numbered. You think about today. You think about reacting to what is happening now. We have a long-range 50-year plan that we are executing with the backing of our naive US taxpayers. Our plan is flawless. It cannot be defeated.

Welcome to our American family. You will like it. If you don't, you won't last long.

We look forward to the quick and easy downfall of Iraq. Thanks to the entire Arab world for sitting back and letting us do this quickly and easily.


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