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3/4/2016 11:03:15 AM
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The future is here! Check out CRISPR.

1/27/2010 1:28:27 AM
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“I wanted to make a dent in the suffering and death caused by aging. It seemed like the SENS people were the smartest, most resourceful and best organized among those ambitious enough. Of course, there are also DIYers with no ambitions to save the world, who are content to ‘make yogurt glow‘ in the basement for their own personal satisfaction.”

12/10/2009 8:16:02 PM
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This is funny, Billie Jean's long-standing claim. I'll say that's been going on for a while!

5/18/2009 6:50:00 PM
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I've never had such conflicting diametrically-opposed thoughts then that I fully agree with the project, and think of how many great things this project has the potential to produce.

Possibly a cure for cancer.

Perhaps a flawless man-machine interface

(Recursion alert) A flawless man-machine interface and the potentials for both extreme good and extreme evil. But in that case, for a certain percentage of these people, there may be generations of my descendants cursing my act. With a perfect man-machine interface, and a public copy of my DNA, bad bio-hacks could be done by nefarious individuals to me and my descendants. (But then, the "noise" induced into the DNA by each generation of reproduction that "mixes down" the individuality of the "original copy" (aka, me) would make it nearly impossible to gain any "hacking" advantage.)

But on the other side, the knowledge we'd gain by "datamining" 0.1 Megapeople would be tremendous - it could cure cancer/aging/disease and the idea of "immortal till killed" would have to be considered.

I must consider this recursively...

4/8/2005 4:08:53 PM
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