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7/14/2010 8:54:45 PM
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 The Hunt for Gollum is a re-mix of some of the the LoTR movie footage along with new third-party footage to show a completely different side-story that is really interesting if you like the idea of a more detailed look at the backstory. Maybe think of it as a tangent to other things going on during the original story.

5/15/2009 10:35:40 AM
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The movie is a total reboot. And yes, it features time travel. While normally this is a giant red flag, in this case I don't think it's too bad. Especially when you want to make giant, universe-altering changes without pissing off the continuity nerds.

Star Trek starts off with a big action sequence that holds no surprises. You'll immediately notice a few dramatic stylistic changes in the camera work. This movie owes more to the pseudo-documentary style of Firefly or BSG than the traditional pristine look of the last few decades of Trek. Space is pretty silent (although it somehow gets noisier as the movie continues), and they even do the cool thing of making sure that everything in space doesn't share the same Z-axis. Minor, but I love it. The intro ends with an emotional note that resonates strongly; it could have been cheesy but it works.

9/16/2005 3:18:37 PM
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