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Battlestar Galactica 2003

I've got to say that I was happily surprised by SciFi's remake while watching it last night. I really expected to be non-impressed, if not angered by the remake. Everything I read about it ahead of time seemed to point at it being a steaming pile of fertilizer. Other than a few points, I'm glad I was wrong!

I was a huge fan of the original Battlestar Galactica! I was only 10 years old at the time, the perfect age to be massively impressed with the show. Everyone in my grade (even some of the girls) at my school (Calvary Christian School in Fort Wayne, Indiana) were majorly into the show, so it was almost ritualistic in a way. A Battlestar Galactica trading card of Maren Jensen (Athena) was the ultimate prized possession at the time. Wow she was hot! :)

The plot, while pretty much completely different from the original, was well thought-out. While I'm still not convinced of the wisdom in totally getting rid of the search for Earth, the story behind the cylons makes a lot more sense this time, if not blatantly stolen from the Terminator movies. The new approach to the Baltar character is ingenious and very human - what computer geek wouldn't give a viciously hot female cylon (Tricia Helden) the keys to the mainframe in exchange for her pleasures, and wouldn't even realize that they were being used until it was way too late, just like Baltar. I've got to feel that is the best new plot change - it's actually believable. The old Baltar didn't make any sense, no matter how evil a person is, who would sell out their whole race to go hang out with a bunch of robots and some really ugly lizard dudes? But for Tricia Helden, it's not only beleivable, it's like "Hey, where do I sign up?" :)

I've got a wait and see attitude on the severe changes to the characters. Starbuck as a girl is going to be a difficult thing to get used to. Maybe if she'd flash me I'd feel better. :) That's the one thing that gets me, too many absolutely radical character changes. Starbuck is a girl, Boomer changes from a black man to an oriental woman, Colonel Tigh changes from a black man to an old white man. Captain Apollo is now a whiny punk. Maybe it's all pan out and work good, but if anything kills the new Galactica, this will be it.

Things I didn't like: The new added names, sure they make thing more fleshed out and possibly more real, but they really didn't need to go there. Adama is now "Bill" Adama (WTF?). Even worse, Apollo is now "Lee Adama" - that's just plain lame. It reeks of Barbie and Ken for some reason.

And the new Galactica - Ugly as hell. The old Galactica looked somewhat like a Lamborghini, the new one looks like the battery charger I use to keep my 1985 Blazer running.

But, all in all, I was really impressed with the new storyline and can't wait to watch more tonight!
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