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RIAA Breakfast Cereal

I happen to know for a fact that at some point in your life, you bought an album and only liked a song or two on it.

So you listen to the audio snippits before hand on or or or dozens of other places, and you decide whether the whole album is worth buying. It's like, it's like that NERDS cereal that came with two flavours in one box. You might have thought the one flavour was really, really good and the other was just okay. So, you had to decide if the box as a whole was worth the money.

See, today CDs are just like that! Sugary, to appeal to the youth while providing none of the substance and nutrition adults want.


And they stopped making NERDS cereal a long time ago, didn't they? I guess people didn't want two cereals in one box.

Nevermind. Bad example! CDs are nothing like NERDS cereal.
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