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New Game Interface

I am changing the game interface quite radically at this point. You will now see a multi-framed display., After being stuck on the combat routines for way too long, I have decided to go with this interface which will allow for the game to display relevant information in a more useful manner. This will allow for near-realtime interaction with other players and monsters. I have to take a few steps back and write a server-side application that will handle things needed to implement this. It will be very cool when finished, allowing for pseudo-intelligent monsters, weather, interaction between players, and all kinds of other things still to be dreamed up.

Currently you only see activity in the bottom frame, but soon you will see a constant display of your character status in the upper-right frame (HP, XP, links to your inventory, etc.).

The top left frame will have (at least) two modes: One in 'normal' mode which will display any objects (weapons, coins, chests, staffs, levers, etc.) in the current room and allow you to interact (drop, take, use, pull, etc.) with them. The frame will change to combat mode when you get in a fight with another player or monster(s), which will allow for quick attack selections and display of critical information needed during the melee.

Display in all the frames will be coordinated by a fourth, hidden frame that will be a non-displaying frame used for higher speed communication with the web server. When it senses that something needs to be displayed, it will trigger a refresh of the specific frame responsible for displaying the information. This will allow for near-realtime data display without unneeded load on the web server, network connection, or browser display.

A huge number of changes moving forward to the full multi-user interactive version. I have piles of notes and diagrams and planning scattered all over my desk and in piles on the floor around my desk. After way too long of a delay while I figured out the interface concepts, things are finally coming together!
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