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Review: Ambicom WL22-AP 802.11b+ Access Point

I was a little worried buying this access point as the box didn't go into much detail as to the security features such as WEP, MAC filtering, etc. However, the price was excellent where I found it, as it was on a clearance display with the rest of the 802.11b equipment, so I went ahead and bought it thinking that if it didn't have the features I needed, I'd bring it back and exchange it for a different brand.

But, once I set it up and got into it's HTML configuration utility, I found that it had everything I needed and then some. I'm impressed with the unit, the configurability and the range. I only needed 802.11b (11 Megabit) for my mobile devices, as my cable modem is only 10 megabit and my standalone machines are already wired with 100 MB.

Plus, this thing has the bonus of being able to go up to 22 MB, but that requires an Ambicom WiFi card for that speed and I haven't seen any of those locally. I've used the unit so far with a USRobotics PCMCIA card, a D-Link PCMCIA card, and a ViewSonic SDIO card for my ViewSonic V37 PDA and everything has worked excellently.

Originally I thought there was a disconnect problem when first using it, but that turned out to be a driver issue with the ViewSonic card. I installed the latest driver from the ViewSonic and everything's been just fine. The only "drawback" is Ambicom has yet to release any updates for the Flash BIOS in the WL22-AP, but it's not like it needs one, it works most excellently. The latest Flash update on their site is version 3.00, but the unit itself came with version 3.3.0, so I'd say everything is great.

The unit can sit on a desk or table, or also has key-shaped holes in the back so that it can be wall-mounted. If you are looking for a low-cost, reliable unit, I totally recommend it. I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money for a more well-known brand. (And no, I have no relation with Ambicom in any way, I am just a satisfied customer...)
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Comfortably Anonymous
12/28/2004 8:50:31 PM
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