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Slow login with Active Directory

Finally converted the network here to Active Directory. Have been running an NT4 domain here since the last millenium. :)

Ran into an issue after the conversions: Logging into every machine, even the Active Directory server, were taking a lot longer than they used to do with the NT4 domain logins. I did some searching, and found a solution that required changes on all the client (server or workstation) machines logging into AD.

Do the following steps on each machine with a slow login problem, starting with the AD server:

1. Open Control Panel|Administrative Tools|Services
2. Stop the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service. (It needs to be stopped to allow deleting the files in the following steps)
3. Open the directory C:\Windows\System32\wbem\repository
4. Delete all files in this directory. (Make a backup if you're worried about this step)
5. Reboot the machine.

When the machine comes back up, logins should be much quicker!

Comfortably Anonymous
10/5/2005 9:25:48 AM
Comfortably Anonymous
6/14/2006 1:24:27 PM
Comfortably Anonymous
6/29/2007 6:56:45 AM
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