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ex-employer blackballing me for being honest

Hello Everyone...obviously, a new user here with a stumper of a question, looking for advice: my fiance's last two employers are blackballing, blacklisting him because he told them that when he sees stupid behavior, he would point it out, like it or not. True, he should have kept his opinions to himself (discretion being the better part of valor?)but these two employers, his last two, are continually giving him a bad referral, EVEN THOUGH
he was one of the best employees as far as always being on time, never missing a day of work, being one of the most diligent and responsible employees and picking up what other employees may have overlooked. Luke did his job well but was just a wee bit too lippy. Is that worth being bad-mouthed by a former employer? Luke served 4 years in the Navy Special Ops, so he must be fairly intelligent...he's been diligently job hunting for well over a year now, and we recently learned that his past emps are giving him bad refs. How do we overcome this obstacle? He WANTS a job and has even applied to some employers twice; no interviews yet. Can anyone please tell us how to deal with this so that we can get on with our lives? Please? I am truly SO grateful for any advice, and thank you!
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