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Selecting data from recordset

I've got a database table (Geo) with the following:

ID: int (Autoindex, primary key)
X: int
Y: int
Home: int

The table consists of an X/Y grid of data.

While I can do individual queries like "SELECT Home from Geo WHERE X=345 and Y=972" to get an individual value for Home, it's a pretty large grid (1000x1000, a million records), so I'm thinking it will probably quicker to do a query like:

SELECT X,Y,Home FROM Geo WHERE (X BETWEEN 50 and 80) and (Y BETWEEN 200 and 220)

Then somehow select from the recordset using the X & Y values. But I have no idea how to "query" the recordset based on values in the recordset. Hoping someone out there will know how!

Also, is there a good way to move the two dimensional data in the recordset into a two dimensional array?

Thanks in advance!

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Comfortably Anonymous
6/17/2004 6:03:26 PM
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Comfortably Anonymous
6/18/2004 4:06:33 PM
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