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IIS 6.0 - ASP files return 404 - File Not Found

This one threw me for a loop - I moved the MessageBase and ROTFOH code (Written in ASP.OLD, not ASP.NET) over to the Windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0 and nothing works. Files I KNOW are there are returning 404s as if they are not there.

Found out the trick: .asp files (Old school ASP) are disabled by default. To turn them on, do the following:

Open IIS Manager (Either IIS Manager itself, or using Computer Management), expand Web Service Extensions. In the righthand pane, you'll see an entry for "Active Server Pages" (Not the entry for ASP.NET), click it, then click the "Allow" button. Good to go...

It would have been more intuitive had Microsoft displayed a message like "Active Server Pages (.asp) are disabled on this server", rather than a completely insane seeming 404 error.
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