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HOWTO: Fourth Dimensional Travel

Time travel is technically possible, but it is still false and ends up not really mattering.

We built our time travel device last summer. Once you get the concept of fourth dimensional travel locked in your thoughts, it's no more complicated than explaining how to look to the left or the right. It's just another direction to look, but most of us end up beleiving that we are blind in that direction.

We we able to travel back time and hang out with our younger selves and our high school buddies. Bring with us modern metal and a car with subwoofers. We spent several weeks there, had a great time, then returned to our present time greatly elated that we had been able to create a machine that would give us such an experience.

After a while of “Real Life”, we decided to go visit again. We shot back so that we'd arrive about a week after we left the last time to give them some time to recharge from all the craziness of our first visit.

That's where we had our first encounter with the Universe's Law involving the universe not minding a bit of experimentation, but that it will always clean up after you when you have gone. Just like when a normal person dies, a year after, even close friends don't discuss that person much anymore, almost as if that person never existed. As the years go by, unless the person did something extremely remarkable during their lifetime, that person does disappear. Fading away into complete obscurity. After a few centuries, it may be possible to find a few words about the person in an ancient database or printout, but that doesn't fully explain the actual person, and eventually even the database or paper disappears, and then the person has faded entirely from reality. The Universe has cleaned up all traces.

When we arrived back in the past, we caught up with ourselves almost immediately. They we surprisingly once again extremely surprised at meeting older versions of themselves. They had completely forgotten we were there less than a week ago. The Universe had cleaned up after us, and did not maintain the forward-fourth dimensional memory link for them, although it did maintain the backward-fourth dimensional memory link for us. Very strange. Brings in all kinds of metaphysical thoughts as to whether ourselves that we visited truly existed, and whether we truly ever existed back during our high school years, or they are just imprinted memories to give our current selves a bit of explanation of our existing knowledge?

So, we could go back in the past, we could fully interact with the past, but we could not do anything that would truly effect the future of our past, thus unable to affect our current 'now'.
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