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Review: OfficeMax's MicroAdvantage DualLayer DVD

OfficeMax just sent out a flyer featuring a Dual-Layer DVD+-R recorder on the front page for $59.00 after rebates! ($129 full price, with a $50 instant rebate, then another $20 rebate that you have to send in for. So you only have to come up with $79 to take it home. Not bad.) However, after buying it, I decide I want some media to go with it. Either some Dual-Layer 8.5GB disks, or some speedy 16X 4.7 GB single layer disks since the drive supports 16X writing on single layer. (BTW: After doing some reading last night, these drives only work well with with Mitsubishi/Verbatim/MCC disks, do NOT get the cheaper Ritek disks, you'll make coasters out of most of them.) However, OfficeMax has neither, so I sent them this message:


Just bought the MicroAdvantage Dual Layer DVD Recorder from OfficeMax last night. However, am shocked to find that you do not offer any Dual Layer (8.5 GB) DVD media to sell along with it, even though the recorder was on the front page of your flyer. If your company wants to do some easy upselling of media to go with the featured recorder, you should probably do that.

Also, in normal single layer (4.7 GB), the drive supports 16X disks, while you are offering only the lame old 4X.

Just some tips for your marketing people. I am headed out over lunch to buy media for my new recorder, and it's not from OfficeMax, because you don't have media for your product. That's $30 to $50 in sales that you are missing out on, so you should probably consider stocking the correct media before running a big promotion on a drive that requires that kind of media.
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Comfortably Anonymous
12/16/2004 9:48:35 PM
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