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RE: Lazyboy - Underwear goes inside the pants

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i agree pretty most of what you said, well the dope deal is cause the gov can't make money on it except threw the courts fining people, and yes people don't realize how hard it is for a homeless person to pull there self out of that rut, truth is lots and lots (lots) of people are a nats ass away from being homeles in present day, i'm not saying all are inocent cause some just don't try. but as for all the rest it's in realation to government and media it's called mind conditioning for you to think the way they want you to think, planting seeds in the back of your mind, hell comercials use subbliminals all the time you just don't know it and have so for years & years, unless you know the techniques involved the average person will never catch it. the media is very big on this talking about some famous asshole caught for drunk driving or some shit like that and not reporting the real news they don't want you to hear, it's the ole magician trick with one hand over keeps your att while the other hand is doing the unsean dirty deed. but thats jewish controled media & gov for you.
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Comfortably Anonymous
1/21/2005 4:55:25 PM
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