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Bunch of DRM crap on new movies

Most users simply aren't capable of installing all that DRM crap even if they wanted to. Thus a lot of new stuff cannot be played.

If/when I start getting calls from friends/family who have bought DRM'd DVD's and can't get them to play I'll suggest:

    * Return it to the store for a refund
    * If the store claims they won't accept it because it's been opened then:
          o complain to the manager
          o Tell them its unusable because of the DRM
          o Tell them the packaging is misleading if the DRM isn't fully documented
          o Tell them you'll file a complaint with the state consumer protection and/or attorney generals office
          o Tell them you'll start documenting the problems everywhere on the web you can
          o Tell them you'll contact the local press (many local TV news shows have consumer alert segments)
    * Follow through on the above threats
    * If you bought the DVD from a big chain like Best Buy write a letter of complaint to their HQ

Only by doing the above are you likely to get your money back and/or start generating some noise about consumer problems with DRM. It's only by making a big stink about these problems with DRM that people will start to notice. If big companies like Best Buy start getting significant numbers of returns & complaints they're more likely to go to their distributers and tell them to stop using DRM. (Yeah, I know... I'm smoking crack) But think about it - the alternative is that the masses will quietly be the sheep that they are and accept that in order to watch a DVD they have to run a Microsoft Windows-based media player that requires a full-time net connection, has to download a different DRM utility for each DVD you own, tells the suits in Hollywood when you're watching Attack of the Killer Tomatos for the 42nd time, and won't let you watch the movie if it decides the moons of Jupiter aren't in the proper alignment.
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