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New game: Walmart Bumper Karts

Nothing more fun than playing "Bumper Karts" at Walmart :)

Walk through the store, do your shopping as normal...

10 PTs: If walking down the aisle and someone comes the opposite way down the aisle and does not attempt to give you room, do not move your cart either, shove firmly just before impact. BAM!! Say "Oops, sorry" and move on....

If some fat lady is standing there with her cart in the middle of the aisle, staring at some product like a dead fish, cough quietly. If the stupid bag doesn't move her cart, gently push it out of the way with your cart. (20 PTs) If the lady totally lacks any acknowldgement, then SLAM your cart into hers. (50 PTs)

Some dummy coming towards you on the wrong side of the lane, doesn't get out of the way, BAM! Slam the cart! Woohoo! Fuckin dumbass! (100 PTs)

Extra 200 PTs if you scream "You fucking idiot!!" at the top of your lungs in any of the above situations.

Walmart really needs one way signs on some of their aisles. And their self-checkout equipment is the worst crap I've ever had to use. Fucks up randomly and constantly. Bakers/Krogers grocery stores have the best self-checkout equipment I've ever used.
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- Bored Walmart Shopper [Read 1046]
Comfortably Anonymous
12/7/2006 11:34:53 AM
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