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Why men seem so stupid...

A dog can be a devoted and loyal friend waiting anxiously for you to return home, never too busy to give you its full attention and always ready to play. It wishes for nothing other than your affections and good will.

But then one day it encounters a group of other dogs in the park. Your devoted friend charges off, totally forgetting that you even exist on earth. You feel deserted and abandoned. Suddenly your dedicated companion is urinating everywhere, defecating, and sniffing other dogs' butts while running madly about, raising hell and behaving like...yes...a dog.

You had forgotten it was, after all, a dog! You were lulled into a comfortable relationship with something which you allowed yourself to perceive as other than what it really is! A lot of guys make the same mistake with women.

This oversight grows to disastrous proportons when applied to the marriage program currently being sold in our country.
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