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Review: King Arthur

King Arthur got rented largly because my g/f wanted to see it and it looked like it might be decent. It wasn't quite what I expected though. I'm fairly familiar with King Arthur and the knights of the round table, Merlin the mage, quests for the grail, the lady of the lake, Camelot and such the like. So the only thing I can say is if you are expecting that, don't bother.

That said I did acctually enjoy the movie quite a bit. Somehow the writers decided that Arthur and his knights were Roman, Merlin was an enemy of the romans, Guinevere is a prisoner to start with and somewhat a leader of the tribe of Briton's north of Hadrian's Wall reffered to as Woad's in the movie, and Lancelot is dead before he can sleep with her. The movie I'm acctually not sure how they think has anything to do with any of the Legends of Arthur beyond the charecter names. The movie was fairly well done though I thought. Lots of swordplay, a few selfless and rather knightly acts done by knights who were not there all together willingly. There were the goodguys that I found myself acctually wanting to win, and the villians we love to hate. Personally the Roman father of the boy they were sent to rescue was the baddie I disliked most, and I was rather sort of satisfied when they walled the "priests" at the estate back up, and again when the saxons did the same.

Its getting late so I'm gonna wrap this up quick, I'd give it 4 stars, good movie, fair (if not entirly surprising) plot, good swordplay and battles, no overdone love story entrapments, and charecters I enjoyed. Failed miserably in my opinion to tie anything other than names and a round table to anything I've ever heard about King Arthur, but that aside (if I can I seem a bit stuck on it) really a rather good movie, and my g/f seemed to enjoy it too.

Oh yah, and it's got the Legolas guy in it.
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