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Rant: Serialize/Deserialize

Rant: OK, all you people using 'make me look important' terms like Serialize and Deserialize, what the hell is the deal with that? You do realize that those words denote an incomplete term and are generally used incorrectly?

Somehow 'Serialize'/'Deserialize' have become synonymous with the older, more simple terms 'Save' and 'Load'. Just dumb, overcomplicated technobabble apparently intended to impress your other dumb geek buddies.

What's even worse, Serialize is almost always used incorrectly or at least incompletely. To Serialize means to convert a structure of data into a bit stream. That's all it means. To save information to disk or a buffer does require that the data be converted to a bitstream (aka serialized) before it can be written to the disk (or whereever).  

However, from a purely technical point-of-view, just because something is serialized does not mean that it has been saved to disk. (Oops, the same guys who say 'serialized' would also use the word 'persisted' in this case... Persisted is yet another one of those stupid babble words that just confuse the issue and replace a perfectly good term) Yet, these same guys blabber on, using these terms (serialize, deserialize, and persisted) which take a lot longer to say than the more simple "save, load, stored" terms which are already well established.

I notice that it seems to be sub-par, self-important punk-ass programmers who tend to use these terms, while the more gifted programmers use the older, more accurate terms.

What's the deal with this? Is there some technical difference between 'serialize' and 'save' that I am not aware of? I don't think so, and until I am convinced I am going to be smirking on the other side of the cube wall from you every time I hear the stupid terms.

Side-Rant: It's about as dumb as having to say the horribly inefficient term 'www' all the time. With the way the computing world is supposed to make everything more efficient, it is horribly ironic that one of the most used terms is taking the only three-syllable letter in the English alphabet, and having to say it THREE times. Horrible. Inefficiency to three magnitudes, antithetical to the whole programming creed. So much better to have something like 'Incredible International Information' (The III) instead of "World Wide Web" (The WWW) Hell, it's quicker to say "World Wide Web" than it is to say 'WWW', how's that for stupid? The abbreviation is worse than the expanded term.

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