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Microsoft Knowledgebase Article Q301677

I'm so glad they allow feedback. This is the feedback I sent after wasting my time reading Q301677

This means pretty much nothing. Yes, it's the templates used to display the errors. Big deal. How worthless. Oh boy. How about links to real-world explanations of these things. Obviously I'm currently seeing a real-world error (#560) or I wouldn't be looking for information about it. Anybody that thought this was a complete example needs to be kicked in the damn head a few more times. Notice the very top of this so-called article: "and information about how to interpret these events. "  Um, where is the information about how to interpret these events? Oh, it's not there. Someone should be fired. Or kicked in the damn head. What would be useful is descriptions of what conditions might trigger these individual events. Like Error#666 may be caused by abject stupidity, or being kicked in the damn head.
Comfortably Anonymous
5/1/2008 11:49:37 AM
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