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Federal Government Sits By While Katrina Victims Die

I sit here, safe and sound, in my house near the top of a hill in Nebraska, where things have been severely dry for the last few years. Major rivers are near dry. Creeks and tributaries are dry. But my eyes aren’t.
I’m sitting here watching the news reports of the devastation left behind from Hurricane Katrina. Watching the people pleading for help. Reading the news on the net.  Wondering what is going on and wishing I knew how to help. It’s been days, and people have still not received help. People are dying in the street. There is no help, there’s no real hope. The country has abandoned them.

That fucking George Bush couldn’t be concerned the first couple days. Sitting on his ranch in a stupor just like he did after 9/11. (Then the shit head flew over my house later that day, coming in to the local airbase to hide or whatever it was that retard was up to.)

It’s Friday now. There are fresh pictures on the net. Bloated bodies floating in the sewage lake that is now New Orleans. There are pictures of 90 year old ladies near death in the heat and humidity. Reports of death and suicide and children being raped. Teenaged girls giving birth in a parking garage after screaming in agony for hours with no medical attention. Complete chaos.

Nothing but bumbling from the idiots-in-charge. Telling us the storm and the flooding slowed them down. The best I heard was “FOX and CNN figured out how to get down there, why can’t FEMA and the US Military?” Good question.  Hey guys, you see a CAT5 hurricane heading in, you need to get people moving then, before it hits. You had what, two or three days? What’d we spend all the money on weather satellites for if we’re not going to use them.

Complete arrogant callousness from the pile of shit we’ve been forced to call a president. Hear him bragging about how they’ve sent 110 generators. (110? WTF? Right after high school, I worked in a factory that made generators. We made more than that many in a fucking hour.) This horrible antichrist-wannabe can only come up with 110 generators?  Especially after cutting the funding needed to repair and improve the storm system in New Orleans. Fuck you numskull, they only asked for $65 million, you spend more than that in a few hours in Iraq, on your dumb little “I’m a tough dude” quagmire.

Already this asshole has stolen our children’s futures on some bullshit war on a bunch of primitives because…  Well, because why?  Because some people from a country he’s got a lot of friends in (Saudi Arabia) hijacked some planes and destroyed some buildings, we decided to attack a completely different country as retribution for it, based on a bunch of shell-game lies about all kinds of shit we hear every day.

And now, nearly a week later, there’s still no help. The little help they had, the 1500 cops who were doing search and rescue, freeing people trapped in the attics above their flooded houses, were pulled off that duty to go try and stop people from stealing from Wal-fucking-mart. WTF? Who is setting the priorities here? Since when are sneakers, rotting milk, drenched TVs, etc, more important than saving people from drowning? Although it is pretty cool to hear that a Walmart down there has had EVERYTHING stolen! Hahaha! Serves you right, fuckers, stealing from the American way, distorting our political system for your own gain, selling out hardworking American workers for cheap plastic shit from China. How’s it feel to be stolen from? Oh yah, just so we don’t forget, Walmart donated a whole million dollars to the relief effort this week. A whole million dollars, wow, what a humanitarian gesture. Bush gives an ‘hours worth’ of generators, and Walmart gives about 20 minutes of sales. With friends like that, they don’t need any enemies for sure!

‘Oh, it’s all a bunch of poor, low-class niggers. Fuck ‘em…’ That’s the story we’re basically being told. If you’re not part of the top echelon of society, you’re just a piece of shit we can’t do a thing for.

And, all you typical middle-class people who are parroting the Republican hymns, when are you sheep going to realize that we are all considered in the same boat? Just a something to be fucked by the upper class. (Yah, I’m white, middle class too. But I’m not so stupid as to vote for the greedy republicans. Nor do I buy into the bullshit that if you hate the Republicans, you must be a Democrat. I vote for whoever I think will do the job best, and ignore the party bullshit. We’re all fucked by the two-party system anyway.) But no, these ignorant Rush-listening, Bush-loving idiots (Sorry Brad, you’re a good friend, but you’ve been completely hypnotized…) will stick up for the Republican way of life all day long, too dumb to realize they are supporting their own undoing. How many of you fuckers have gotten a raise, or gotten laid off, since Bush bullshitted his way to the presidency?

I think/hope/pray Bush has finally made his final blunder. Proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a sneaky conniving fuck who has no interest in the real America. The kind of America we used to be proud of. The kind of America where we are really all equal. The kind of America that protects the weak. The kind of America that makes it a better world. The kind of America that will kick your fucking ass if you mess with it, but still the America that won’t go around bullying people.

If you still think Bush is a good president, then please leave our country, now.

Now, Bush. It’s probably too late for you to be remembered in history books as anyone better than McCarthy, but how about you try for once? Do something good. Stop doing things only for the money. The president of the country is expected, no required, to be above such things. If you can’t cope with that, then you need to abdicate. The world you are currently building is a dark nightmare. Build a world with goodness and light, not lies and mistrust.

BUSH: Get out, you have completely failed us.

People are dying. People are dead. Children are baking. People are getting shot.  I am stuck here in Nebraska unable to do much. Thought about driving down there, but I hear FEMA couldn’t even get their trucks through the state police down there. (Or at least that’s one of the excuses the FEMA guys are using to explain their ineptitude…)  So I’m stuck leaving messages on the answering machines of local politicians who could care less, throwing money in the Red Cross collection bucket (Fuckers’d better not take more than 1% of that money for ‘administration purposes’), and trying to write a motivating rant on the Internet, hoping that maybe someone with more power than I might read it and get something going better than I can.

That’s it for now, until I think of something more intelligent to say...
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9/2/2005 4:30:07 PM
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