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Re: Federal Government Sits By While Katrina Victims Die

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I'm really pissed about the way the government is failing us.

Wait till we start getting sick from the epidemic that's almost definitely going to start there in the next day or two. All that bacteria has been festering in the warm brown water there all week. All the bacteria from human feces has had well over 72 hours (The amount of incubation time needed for a few nasty bacteria to reproduce into an uncontrollable amount) to reproduce in perfect (for bacteria - warm, wet, and nutrition).

People trudging through the filth down there are getting heavily infected right now, another 24 to 72 hours and they are going to be getting extremely sick, then with the evacuation, it's going to get spread all over the country.  

That's the big story they are hiding from us. I dread it.
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